Women's Movement

Holiness! Unto the lord.


Seeking Christ like transformation in the church as women and providing true apostolic identity by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.


Membership is open to all women from age eighteen (18) years upwards; notwithstanding the age stipulation, any woman who subscribes to the aims and objectives of the Movement may join.


To deepen the spiritual life of the women through prayers, fellowship , intercession and to work generally with the local government of the Church.

Aims and Objectives

To provide a means of expression for the sisterhood in the church;

To provide the opportunity for capable deaconesses and leaders to teach and guide the sisters of the movement, particularly on matters which are best handled by women;

To meet every week for fellowship, prayers, studying of the Word of God that will heal marriages, restore family relationships and that will also turn and influence those around us.

To bring back apostolic distinctiveness (Holiness, Righteousness, Truth, Humility and Spirituality) focused on intercessory prayers for the church and nation at large;

To develop the character of the individual to live soberly and in obedience to the will of God;

To assist in preparing young adult women for marriage life.

To extend the Kingdom of God by proclaiming the gospel to all and sundry through rallies, dawn broadcast, house to house evangelism, hospital, prisons, etc.


62 Batchelder St, Roxbury, MA 02119, USA




(617) 541-0265



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