Aposa's Movement

Arise and build!

The Vision

Joshua Chapter 5

The APOSA Vision is raising an army of men and women, both young and old, who know Christ experientially, to be used by God to revive, restore, strengthen and ensure the growth of the church which is the body of Christ, to be prepared for His second coming and evangelize to the lost world, and progressively advance and develop in every facet of life.

In summary, the APOSA vision is:

  1. Revival In The Apostolic Church – Second Circumcision (Joshua 5:2)
  2. Restoration of God’s Glory in The Apostolic Church (Joshua 5:9)

The process of arising and building

Obadiah 17 “But upon Mount Zion shall be DELIVERANCE, and there shall be HOLINESS and the house of Jacob shall POSSESS their POSSESSIONS.

This is because it is only through holiness and righteousness that the people of God would be able to fully posses their possessions.

The Strategy

Our strategy is inspired by the wall building efforts of Nehemiah and the people who returned to Jerusalem from captivity, as summarized in Nehemiah 2:17-20. We prepare ourselves in “Shushan” and move to “Jerusalem” for the building process. At any given time, our focus should be on the Church and not ourselves. We will disappoint God if we fail to make an impact in our Local assemblies, Districts, Areas and National level as a whole.

Let the book of Nehemiah be your companion. It provides the full strategy in achieving our vision.

Our commitment to the apostolic church

APOSA is committed to the Apostolic Church. We exist because of The Apostolic Church.

We fully participate in all church activities and programs such as the national 21 days prayers and fasting scheduled for January and July annually. APOSA 40 days has given way to these 2-national 21 days prayers and fasting in the year.


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